TvT gamemode : The Hunt by Captain Bravo

Captain Bravo informed us he has released his a new gamemode in the BI forums.

Quote Captain Bravo :
Hey everyone,

This a a fun P vs P coop mission we play often in our group online.

There are similar missions where your group is behind enemy lines and you have to make it back to base in one piece. The twist here is that enemy is lead by human player which makes a huge difference. Being hunted by human controlling AI groups adds a new depth and tension to mission.

The hunter will utilize High Command to control 9 squads of infantry plus 6 fast attack vehicles and an unarmed chopper as he searches for the SF team (human players) This mission must be played by at least 2 human players (east and west)

Written on 2009-12-08 13:24 by CaptainBravo  

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