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Requirements: CAA1 project, MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon
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Version: 1.5

Date: 2009-12-11 15:55

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Limited Assets 1

LA1A2 is an improvement over the Arma version, with the annoying things fixed and cool new features added. It still must be HOSTED, though - does not work on dedicated server. FULL SAHRANI MAP, completely populated. Host this on a POWERFUL COMPUTER. Clients must optimize as well.
This is NOT for respawn addicts. You get 3 deaths, each one incurring permanent injury. CPR is available to cause respawn to occur in place, otherwise you respawn back at base with no gear (you were medevac'd!).

Nothing else respawns and there are no ammo trucks on the map. On this map you scout, plan your operations and use of resources across multiple objectives, infil, operate, and exfil, re-equip and repeat. Your assets do NOT respawn.

A key ROE is in effect which will point out the weaklings who can't read a briefing.

This map has 8 official tasks and numerous other strategic objectives. You could play this map for many hours and feel like you're fighting a real war, with persistence, not just random enemy actions. If you clear a town, it's cleared (except for the active war zone of Corazol, which gets some reinforcements.)

Extract the .pbo file(s)to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

-- "Take Charge Of" and "Dismiss" AI subs (they don't respawn either) or other players to control group structures
-- Alternate Injury System and Battlefield Clearance are in use
-- Engineers can build some useful things and jerry-rig broken vehicles
-- A MedEvac helo is on call and can be directed by radio
-- USS Khe Sanh is stationed a few km WNW of the main base; you can ask the Aircraft Handling Officer if they can release their Hueys for Sahrani ops, in case you manage to lose too many assets
-- there's a situation on Rahmadi, but you'll have to discover it yourself (otherwise all info is in the extensive briefing data, including images where needed)
-- fastropes are available on Blackhawks, Hueys, and enemy Hinds (just in case you appropriate them); can be operated by players OR AI pilots via custom actions
-- custom actions available to eject your AI subs from helos piloted by other clients
-- enemies are not all crack shots, and you play highly trained and well equipped Marines and Spec Ops, but there is a whole map full of OPFOR, so don't be lulled into a false sense of security (you get 3 free deaths, that's all, and you can't exit and return to the same slot)
-- it's unrealistic to have Blackhawks carrying tanks and APCs, so this realism oriented map does not include sling ops

- CAA1 project
- MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon

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