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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core, eXtras & ACEX PLA, Community Base addons, Island Panthera, Namalsk, Isla Duala, Quesh-kibrul,Molatian army, Afrenain & Molatian Resistance army, Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2,Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps

Version: 1.5
Signed: Yes, server key included

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Date: 2010-02-15 11:00

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Ghosts for A.C.E.2
Ironmatter Moore

- Introduces a 12 man Ghost Team using characters from the Ghost Recon series of games
- Each new unit has a unique identity that can be set by mission editors. You can also change the camo4 to camo1-6 for varying degrees of cam paint.

- All characters have been set up with loadouts courtesy of the ACEX Beta and most have a backpack to load extra goodies.

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

It comes with a beta campaign. Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Campaigns folder.

Included .pbo files:

You can find the units in the editor under:

Known issues:
- A bit of texture flickering noticed.
-Tim Knight's M32 Launcher needs to be packed into MOLLE Ruck in order to use the UMP45.
Flick me a message at (username: Ironmatter).
- On revive in Coop Campaign the player loses tasks list. Searching forums for fix.

Change log:
- Mission Fixes for both campaigns.
- Includes R3F Revive Script for Coop Campaign

- Coop Campaign Beta Missions Released (Ghostrecon: Brush-Fire)
- Mission Fixes for Ghostrecon Chernarus Campaign
- Now includes R3F Revive Script for Coop Campaign Beta

- Coop Characters Beta included
- Campaign Tweaks: Checkpoint Saves in all missions, MH-6 in mission 1 no longer takes off but become the team's transport vehicle.
- Config Tweaks. Renamed characters in editor.

- HAWX Reaver Flight Units added.
- Campaign Tweaks. One new beta mission, has five missions in one. Missions are based on the first five missions from the Original Ghost Recon.
- Config Tweaks. Fix for removed ACE2 weapons.

- Campaign Tweaks. Campaign now branches from Mission 1. Basically you can play the campaign up to 12 different ways (with some repetition).
- Config Tweaks allow identities with ACE_Glasses.
- New Special Recon uniforms in some missions.

This addon is used at your own risk and is not affiliated with BIS.
If you wish to use any part of this addon or modify this addon in any way you must obtain written permission from myself (see username Ironmatter).

Credits & thanks:
Thanks to the following for textures, templates and resources:
Schnapsdrolsel - For base textures and Desert Mercs.
Sander - Excellent ACU Pattern and Helmet Textures (and an initial idea on how to reskin stuff).
A.C.E Mod Team - For the monster that is A.C.E 2.
IceBreakr - For Panthera 2.31 and the amazing Isla Duala.
Sumrak - For Namalsk.
ADO Floosy - For the awesome Quesh-Kibrul
Mando - For the mighty MMA.
Sahbazz - For the impressive Molatian Army
[URC]Stoned - For the Afrenian and Molatian Resistance Armies
Big (armaholic) - For doing the file posts at armaholic
R3F - For the light weight revive scripts (included)

Apologies to anyone I have missed.

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- Armaholic forums

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - ACEX PLA
- Community Base addons
- Island Panthera
- Namalsk
- Isla Duala
- Quesh-kibrul
- Molatian army
- Afrenain & Molatian Resistance army
- Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA2
- Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps

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