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Date: 2009-12-15 16:47

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SIX Aiaktalik
Chill xl

Here's the first Beta release of my map "Aiaktalik" project for ArmA II. The 10x10km map features a remote and barren desert terrain with plains, hills and mountains, it is inspirated and loosly based on some environments seen in Afghanistan or Arizona USA. I've created the map mainly as a sandbox/playground to be used at our Coop community, the 6th Sense. The map is mainly created for infantry battles, i've focussed on overview and cover. You will find lots and lots of cover of the massive ammounts of rocks, furthermore the terrain is lightly covered with pine-trees. At the moment there are no human created objects or features to be found on the map. Maybe in a future update i will add some trails and tracks to have the AI move around a little bit better.

The island is exclusively released, updated and maintained on the excellent Six Updater Platform by Sickboy.
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