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Version: 0.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2009-12-15 20:01

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BMD-1 pack
OKB O915

Featured versions:
    - BMD-1 Soviet green
    - BMD-1P Soviet green
    - BMD-1P Russian camo
    - BMD-1 Iraqi
    - BMD-1 CDF
With the use of the number and signs scripts possible to have VDV, GRU and MVD versions.

Main features:
    - Accurate ballistics
    - Accurate model representations
    - Brand new and accurate sights
    - Accurate use of the 9M113 Konkurs rocket laucher
    - Hull gunners
    - Powerful random number scripts, very customizable
    - Accurate crew positions
    - Transport soldiers on top with fully new animations
    - Tuned c.o.g. gives great suspension effects
    - Animated watershields (driver can raise and lower when on water)
    - Animated raising and lowering of hydrolic suspension to give a lower profile to hide behind obstacles (driver can do this while standing still)
    - Accurate sound effects
    - Up to ArmA2 standards concerning shaders and screen effects
...and many more. Read the README for instructions on use.

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Open source:
Texture psd files will NOT be posted because they were collaboration and I have no right to give out other artist contributions (dirt layers etc).

Here you can find model.cfg file and config.cpp:


Both are quite neat and have good commenting. All in all over 2600 lines of code :S

Unbinarized models. For educational purposes.
BMD MLOD models

Soul_Assassin - modeling, texturing, coding, scripting, testing, animations.
Ist - scripting, coding, logistics, texturing.
Topas - texturing.

[APS]Gnat - technical information.
Gedis - research.
GodHammer - model and texture of 9M11.
Kenji Nakamura - 9M135 sight.
MODUL - animations.
Q - technical information.
q1184 - ballistics calibration.
Raedor - technical information.
RavenDK - coding.
ShadowNX - German localization.
Uralaz - track texture.
SgtAce - testing.
hamis - sounds.
NSX - screens.
vilas - some technical questions.

Big shout out goes out to all those who helped out!

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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