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Version: 1.18

Short description: This is the Linux Standalone Server for ArmA 1.18

Date: 2009-12-15 22:27

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Linux Standalone Server (Arma 1.18)

Copyrigt (c) 2008 Bohemia Interactive Studio. All rights reserved.

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1. Following programs must have been installed on your Linux-box:
tar, gcc. Optional: md5sum (for setup integrity check)

1a. On some verions of Linux (this was reported for RedHat 9
and Gentoo linux 2.4.20) the NSCD deamon must be installed to
run ArmA server successfully. Caching of DNS would be sufficient.

2. Copy the whole "ArmA" directory from Windows
to some Linux-directory (ArmA). DON'T DO ANY DATA CONVERSIONS
(even "dos2unix" translation of text files is not necessary).
Example: you can use PKZIP (WinZip, PowerArchiver, etc.) on
Windows and "unzip" on Linux.
Don't use upper case letters in the ArmA directory name
(/home/bob/arma will be good, /home/bob/ArmA
may cause some troubles).
ArmA directory should contain subdirectories "Addons", "Bin",
"Campaigns", etc.

3. Copy the "server-x.xx.tar.gz" (x.xx is version number) file into
the ArmA directory. Unpack and install it with commands:

arma$ tar -xjf server-x.xx.tar.bz2
arma$ ./install

Watch the messages - they will inform you whether your installation
is successful.

4. Dedicated server can be started in foreground:

arma$ ./server

Or in background:

o$ nohup ./server > out.txt 2> err.txt &
[1] <pid>

5. Running server can be stopped by executing:

$ kill -s SIGINT <pid>

Where <pid> is process-id of mother server thread (printed out in
"nohup" command).

6. ArmA server has a feature: command-line parameter
"-pid=<pid_file>". It causes creation of <pid_file> with
PID of root ArmA process. If IP port specified in "-port=<nn>"
parameter is busy (in usage), ArmA will terminate immediately
and <pid_file> won't be written..

7. The "armaserver" script is provided for automatic server
start/restart/status query/etc. Please be sure to edit
After this is done, install (hard-link?) the script into
"/etc/rc.d/init.d/armaserver" file. After that it can be managed
by "chkconfig" (see info/man).

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