Coop mission : Operation Spearhead updated
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Solarghost has released a new version of this coop mission for ArmA2 in the BI forums. This mission is an edited version of the Operation Roadrunner - ACE - Co-10 (@) one made by ]NTRUDER.

Changes in this mission:
    - Fixed: You no longer lose your back packs
    - Fixed: spelling mistakes in some messages
    - Fixed: Asylum error message will no longer come up if you are not running Afghani village
    - Slightly increased armor due to high AI skill level, and to give a better survival rate
    - Adjusted some of the enemy D30s so they have a better view
    - Removed weapons in all vehicles, all weapons are in ammo crates instead

Written on 2010-01-10 15:21 by Solarghost  

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