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Miles Teg from The Lost Brothers Mod informed us he has released an updated version of the Historic Armor Pack which contains different armored vehicles on the BI forums.
In this new version he should have fixed the M3 halftrack as he forgot to add bags and gear hanging on the outside as was typical of IDF M3 halftracks.
Also he fixed one fatal bug that was reported on the BI forums where the Syrian BTR-152 doesn't work.

Quote Miles Teg :
Finally I got around to finishing up what I could on the historic armor pack and fixing everything up as best I could. This is not a fancy pack. In fact some of the addons (AMX13 and Super Frelon) are downright crude looking. However it's still something and something is better then nothing. Plus, some of the addons due to the excellent work of the original addon makers and the addons they are based on, are quite nice. The Ishermans are good examples. You can even seat four infantry on the rear of all of the Ishermans.

The Lost Brothers Mod historic armor pack includes the following tanks:
    IDF Armor:
      - IDF Isherman tanks including- M4A1 Shemrman, M50 Super Sherman, M51 Isherman, & M60 Isherman.
      - IDF AMX-13 light tank
      - IDF Centurion Sho't MBT
      - IDF M3 Halftrack
    Egyptian Armor:
      - Egyptian T-34/85 tanks (green and tan with normal and Guard units).
      - T-55 (Egyptian and Syrian)
      - T-62 (Egyptian)
      - BTR-152 (Egyptian and Syrian)
    Also included are ammo and texture pbo files shared by some of these tanks.
Bonus addon:
Super Frelon transport helicopter

Written on 2009-12-17 19:20 by miles teg  

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