Coop mission : Operation Roadfighter by ]NTRUDER
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]NTRUDER has released in our our forums a new coop mission for ArmA2.

Quote ]NTRUDER :
Two days ago several coalition trucks with weapons and ammo were stolen by terrorists outside Kirkuk in northern Iraq.
HQ believes that the weapons have been transported to the city of Quesh-Kibrul, near the International Hotel. It is crucial that these weapons are found and destroyed as soon as possible. They must not be used in attacks against coalition forces or the people of Iraq.
You and your team are tasked with destroying the weapon trucks and any weapon caches you find in the area surrounding the hotel. As the enemy use cellphones to communicate with each other you must destroy the telecom tower which provides cellphone coverage in the area. You have to do this before moving into the city.
You will come across civilians on your way to your objectives and they must not be harmed!

Written on 2009-12-19 11:39 by Big  

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