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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 1.1.87
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Date: 2010-03-14 10:12

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Group Link 4 Special FX Edition

Group Link 4 features a wide range of different Player Friendly A.I. and Enemy A.I. Enhancements and many different Special FX features in visible and audible kind. The main target of the Enemy A.I. Enhancement is to make a players life as hard as possible. Enemy A.I. of Group Link 4 is way tougher intelligent and tactically then ever bevore. They will try to hunt you down at any price. Group Link 4 allows you to create greate dynamic missions within a few minutes. Group Link 4 Technically: Group Link 4 use the D.G.A.S. ( Dynamic Global Array System ) which stores many values of features in a specific Global Variable. All features of Group Link 4 use their own J.I.P. ( Join in Progress ) functions which allows players which join a mission which already is in progress to initialize all already used features of a mission.

For the complete list of features and the information about how to use all its features please read the included readme files!

Copy the "@GL4" folder into your Armed Assault 2 root directory.
Drag the "UserConfig" folder from "@GL4\UserConfig" in your Armed Assault 2 root directory.

If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

How to initialize Group Link 4 mission based:
"Mission Based" means that you can initialize the whole Group Link 4 directly from your mission folder which means that there will be NO AddOns required.

The down side of this is that you will loose all "Module" features becouse the modules are initialized in the "GL4_System.pbo" config.
More info in this topic:


Group Link 4 Work In Progress Videos:

Explosion FX:

Artillery FX:

House FX:

Camp Fire FX:

Fixed: All required B.I.S. functions will be initialized by Group Link 4.
Enhanced: All "H.C." features can be used stand alone.
Fixed: Captive ( Surrender ) bug where captive units did not follow the captor correctly or just run around by their own.
Added: Partol feature.
Enhanced: "H.C. Artillery" feature. Supported: D30 / M119 / Mortar / M270 MLRS.
Enhanced: All kind's of suppressed weapon classes are detected and added automatically in the "Advancing" 15 meter array.
Enhanced: Enemy A.I. which was requested as reinforcement will only look for/mount vehicles ( Cars ) of their own side.
Improved: Group Link 4 "Enemy A.I. Reinforcement Request" feature.
Optimized: "Unmount" and "Remount" functions. Gunner, Driver and Commander of a vehicle ( Car / Tank / Air ) do not unmount their vehicle even if they are no real crew members. ( assignedVehicleRole )
Added: "Group Link 4: Defend" module. Enemy A.I. which was synchronized with the "Group Link 4: Defend" module will never leave their position even if under attack.
Changed: "Get In" feature. Groups which should automatically mount a empty vehicle at mission start must be synchronized with the vehicle.
Improved: Enemy A.I. which was requested as reinforcement and not close to the conflict point will automatically switch their behavior / combat mode and speed mode to get to the conflict point as fast as possible.
This was made in case of a mobile respawn or if a player escape with a vehicle.
In this case enemy A.I. which already was in contact with the player was hunting the player very slow becouse their behaviour was set to "COMBAT" and the combat mode was "RED".
Improved: Added "Defend" and "Location" groups to the "Array Debug" system.
Improved: Added "Defend" and "Location" groups to the "Marker Debug" system.
Changed: It's now possible to use multiple "Group Link 4: Custom" "Group Link 4: Static" and "Group Link 4: Defend" modules.
Improved: Units/Groups which use the "Get In" feature will assign turrets of the vehicle if available.
Re-Wrote: "ReadMe.pdf" and "Feature.pdf". Added enemy A.I. "Group Definitions" to "ReadMe.pdf" which explains the use of "Custom" "Defend" "Static" and "Location" groups.
Added: New example mission ( GL4_v-1-1-87_Example.utes ) which shows the new "Enemy A.I. Enhancement" features.
Added: Setting to ( UserConfig\GL4\GL4_Global.sqf ) to enable / disable player and friendly A.I. rearm.
Re-Wrote: "Force Move" can be used with vehicles again.
Enhanced: Enemy A.I. groups which was requested as reinforcement and not close to the conflict point will look for vehicles of the kind "Car" "Tank" and "Air" to get faster to the conflict point.

Fixed: "Player Burning" bug.
Enhanced: "Direction To" function.
Enhanced "H.C. Artillery" feature. All kind's of "Static Weapons" can be used. ( D30, M119, M252, 2B14 )
Make sure you choose ammo which fit's to the selected weapon in "UserConfig\GL4\GL4_High_Command.sqf".
Changed: Only AddOns ( .pbo's ) which add's content ( models and sounds ) are used and checked by Group Link 4.
Added: Group Link 4 "Mission Based" initialize example mission.
Enhanced: By initializing Group Link 4 "Mission Based" only "GL4_Blood_FX.pbo" "GL4_Burning_FX.pbo" "GL4_Config_FX.pbo" "GL4_Dubbing.pbo" "GL4_Radio_Chatter.pbo" and "GL4_Sound_FX.pbo" are required to enable the given feature.
If any of thouse AddOns was not installed on the client then the feature where the AddOn was not installed will be disabled local on the client machine.
Optimized: Multiplayer synchronization.
Fixed: Several multiplayer bugs.
Optimized: "Mission Based" initialize.
Re-Wrote: GL4_System.pbo to initialize 85% of the "Special FX" features without any AddOns to enhance the "Mission Based" initialize.
Optimized: Settings of the "UserConfig\GL4" folder will not be used/recognized by initializing Group Link 4 "Mission Based". Please use the "Mission Based" settings like shown in the "GL4 Mission Based" example mission.
Enhanced: The "AddOn Based" initialize of Group Link 4 will automatically stop if a "Mission Based" initialize was started. This means that you do not need to remove/disable or delete the "@GL4" AddOn local or from your server.

Optimized: "High Command Helicopter" feature.
Optimized: "Force Move" feature.
Fixed: Several "H.C. Reinforcement" feature bugs.
Fixed: "Force Move" re-group bug.
Re-Wrote and Optimized: Enemy A.I. and Friendly A.I."Unmount" functions.
Re-Wrote: "Communication Menu" design.
Re-Wrote "Force Move" to "H.C." features.
Re-Wrote: "GL4_Global.sqf" settings to group settings given to their functionality and to get a better overview. Hopefully the last time.
Added: Legend to "GL4_Global.sqf" and "GL4_Local.sqf".
Fixed: "Radio Chatter" volume key.
Fixed: "H.C." features was not correctly initialized if player was in a vehicle at mission start.
Changed: "Radio Chatter" Volume Keys. Default: Volume Up = "Pos1" | Volume Down = "Insert".
Fixed: Smoke Grenades had used the "Explosion FX" of explosive grenades.
Fixed: Units which was forced to move was not recognized by the enemy A.I. enhancement.
Re-Wrote: "H.C. Reinforcement Request" and "Enemy A.I. Reinforcement Request" helicopter functions.
Re-Wrote and optimized: Group Link 4 initialize processes.
Changed: By initializing Group Link 4 with modules it is required to always synchronize a player with the "Group Link 4: System" module once.
Added: Setting to ( UserConfig\GL4\GL4_Core.sqf ) to enable / disable the Group Link 4 initialize display debug.
Enhanced: Group Link 4 initialize display debug now working correctly in multiplayer.
Changed: By disable the "Enemy A.I. Reinforcement Request" feature enemy A.I. still use all "Enemy A.I. Enhancement" features like for example "Throw Smoke" "Requesting Artillery / Airstrike" "Unmount Vehicles".
Improved: Default initialize.
Fixed: "Random Time" module. Daytime was not synchronized correctly by the server in multiplayer.
Enhanced: Multiplayer functions and multiplayer initialize.

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If you use C.B.A. ( Community Base AddOns ) then it's recommend to download the latest version by using ( Yoma AddOn Sync or Six-Updater ) becouse it includes several important fixes and the latest version is not available on the web so far.
- Community Base addons (only needed if you wish to initialized by default)

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