Coop mission : Rescue Operation by BuddhaBang

BuddhaBang has submitted a new coop mission for ArmA2.

Quote BuddhaBang :

News came this morning that the Iraqi Interior minister has been captured by an insurgent group operation in Quesh_Kibrul_V1.0. Our job is to rescue him ASAP. Special Forces Operation Delta is on stand-by aboard USS Khe Sanh, and will insert this evening by boats as soon as the go ahead is given. Another team, Special Boat Service will insert as well by boats and find and destroy a Weapons factory on the island to cause some distraction hopefully. We will try our best to limit any collateral damage. We have a chopa crew x 2 on Stand-by who can be called upon for extraction, depending on the squad leaders.

Written on 2009-12-24 14:15 by Big  

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