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Version: 0.6 alpha
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Date: 2009-12-24 17:36

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4-auscam_alpha_release_1.jpg 4-auscam_alpha_release_2.jpg 4-auscam_alpha_release_3.jpg

PA Auscam

Australian Regular Army units in Alpha state!

- Res Lods are not complete so i left them out of this alpha release there for not exactly great preformance from these guys. however will be fixed in the future
- textures are still a work in progress, like most of this addon. in the future id like to redo them as i dont think they are the best i can do, however ill save that for a later date.
- not 100% accurate in terms of peices of kit.
- plenty of bugs, hence why its only a Alpha release, but i just wanted to get them out to the public so they could have a play around with them, plus i was in the christmas spirit :P so please be kind when (not if but WHEN) you come across some bugs, however with that said there SHOULDNT be any game breakers in there, i think i got all of them.
- weapon and kit load out is only temp, and just a quick job, they still use defualt BIS M4's.

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Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Known issues:
- No res LODs, poor preformance
- depending on graphics settings blury textures
- small model clipping
- noticed some small shadow bugs.
- bound to be many more

Future releases:
- in the next 1 - 2 weeks i hope to fix any bugs found in this alpha release, mainly the res lods and reworking most of the textures.
- in the next month i hope to have a 1.0 release ready with final textures and most of the models done + Desert textures
- early 2010 i hope to expand into 2cdo troops + SASR and rework the models to better represent Australian Army soldiers of 2010, also by this time i hope to have these guys using the AAW weapon pack coming for arma2.

Thanks & Credits:
- first is STALKERGB as really none of this would of been possible with out him, he donated (well i asked lol) his 4rifles models to the PA mod which where the building blocks for these units, along with his original textures. also his helped my along the way alot and i am ever gratefull, i even made him a ArmA2 shrine
- Next comes Binkowski as he also donated parts of his US army units (pouches, helmet bits and peices + textures)
- Bigsmokeee whos a mate who helps out with the mod when he can via screenshots, testing and just his opinion in general
- I'm sure there are many more however at the time of writing this its late so please forgive me if i have forgoten you and let me know and ill update it asap.

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- BI forums

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