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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core beta, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras beta, Community Base addons
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2009-12-27 20:20

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Op. Crystal Breach

Around 24hrs ago, SASR Reconnaissance patrols successfully secured data from a UAV providing enough evidence for the UN to grant us occupation of Chernarus on the grounds of genocide and warcrimes.
A small Forward Operating Base (FOB) has been established near the village Olsha. Our objectives for today, are to scout and secure a Main Supply Route (MSR) leading from the FOB, south along the main road, cutting off through the valley east to finish east of Khelm, just north of Berenzino Harbour. Khelm will be used as a FOB during the assault to take the deep water harbour which is critical to future operations; we need a suitable harbour to offload supplies from our Canberra class sitting off the shore.
The Australian Government have deployed troops in the area with the task of securing the docks of Berenzino Harbour to receive supplies and further establish U.N. forces.
The MSR is to be used to transport troops and supplies to Khelm for the forthcoming assault. The enemy know we want that harbour and so expect some heavy defences along the proposed MSR.

Current Intel:
Enemy forces are highly trained and are under orders to hold the route at all costs. The Company size troop is reinforced by another Company from the south and west of the Area of Operation (AO). Land and air troop carriers have been sighted and will engage if provoked.
A number of seek-and-destroy aerial patrols of varying configurations have been sighted and on occasion, have engaged the F.O.B. so beware.
The heavily fortfied Mortar emplacement on Mt Klen contains 3 x Podnos 2B14 mortars, which if captured can be used by friendly forces to secure the route.
Players can be revived in three ways; by medics, the HMMWV Ambulance and the MASH tent at base.
Unarmed HMMWV's will regularly respawn at base.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Developer notes:
Here is a list of nifty components to be found in this mission.
Random Group Spawn code by Odin
- This piece of code has turned out to be the most important piece of my future mission making. Using GameLogic objects, this code will spawn random enemy groups of Infantry, Motorised, Mechanised, Armour and Air. In conjunction with Binesi's taskDefend and taskPatrol code, randomised mission making has never been simpler.
Medical/Revive by Norrin
- Need I say more, code that turned ARMA on its head and continues to enhance ARMA II like no other piece of scripting.
Team Status Dialog by Dr Eyeball
- Allows the customisations of groups while playing the mission. As suggested by the Dr himself, I'm sure other clans will find it very useful.
CEP Unit Caching by Myke
- This code is originally from Myke's ARMA I Coop Essentials Pack. I have heavily modified it and it now supports vehicle units.
CreateComposition/CreateCompositionLocal by ArmaTec
- If you don't know what compositions are yet, make sure you find out. I modified this code to spawn aesthetic objects locally on the client and mounted objects (MG Nests, etc) on the server so the AI can man them. It cut down the server workload by 90%. Extremely handy code if you use lots of compositions.
- If you want to create your own compositions (this mission has an RU checkpoint), CreateCompositionLocal will use custom composition code.
Improved taskDefend and taskPatrol by Binesi
- Binesi posted these improved BIS functions around the same time I was asking myself the same question. Placing patrols and defensive squads has never been simpler.
ACE Weapons Box by Xeno
- Xeno did all the coding to create these ammo boxes, so I think he deserves a mention for their use.
On-the-fly GFX Changer by Deadfast
- Simple graphical viewdistance and terrain control. Very slick interface, although I've hardcoded the terrain detail in this mission, as I didn't think it was fair on the AI.
Missions Conditions Selector - F2 MP Framework
- Another handy script, I modified it slightly for JIP client time setting, but it works a treat otherwise.
Simple Vehicle Respawn Script by Tophe of Östgöta Ops
- A vehicle respawn script used to provide transport to JIP players.
Improved AI Driving by Sakura Chan
- Improves AI driving skills dramatically, in particularly on roads.

creoBellum scripts:
Here are some of my own scripts, which you are free to use with credits intact.
Random Group Generation (crb_randomGroup.sqf)
- This is a must have for randomising your mission. Will create random squads of Infantry, Motorised, Mechanised, Armoured and Air. Makes the mission different everytime.
Reinforcements (crb_reinforcements.sqf)
- This is great for minimising the number of AI while maintaining a large Area of Operation. When enemy units are reduced to a low level, they will be reinforced and transported by land and air to the specific area.
Aerial Patrol (AerialPatrol.sqf)
- A quick script that spawns an aerial patrol for your Area of Operation, who will happily engage if they spot you. I've had units successfully patrol for over 3 hours into a mission. A new group will respawn if you destroy the current patrol.
JIP Briefing (JIPBriefing.sqf)
- JIP Briefings are a real pain. This is my current model for consecutive objectives which is JIP compatible.
Enemy weapon reload (RUStaticRearm.sqf)
- This script will scan ammo levels across all static enemy DSHKM, AGS, D30, and MG Nests, and re-arm them to keep up the fire fight.
JIP Markers (JIPMarkers.sqf)
- If you create markers dynamically (not in the editor), you'll find that JIP clients will not get them. This is a bit of code to get around that issue.
Player Weapon Loadout (PlayerInit.sqf)
- Sets up weapon loadout based on mission selector and unit model. Works for human and AI playable units.
Minefields (crB_Minefields.sqf)
- Drop a marker and create a minefield. Great for funneling players into kill zones.
Hide Bodies (crB_HideCorpses.sqf)
- Inspired by Mr Murrays code, this one liner will remove dead bodies from the mission with no additional triggers or objects. Just add the script to your Init.sqf - very simple.
- Uses markers to patrol vehicles randomly from one marker to another. Excellent to ensure all parts of your Area of Operation are patrolled.

Credits & thanks:
Briefing text by Delta 51
The ever willing mission testers from cB and AEF
Random Group Spawn code by Odin
Medical/Revive by Norrin
Team Status Dialog by Dr Eyeball
CEP Unit Caching and Move by Myke
CreateComposition by ArmaTec
ACE Weapons Box by Xeno
Simple Vehicle Respawn Script by Tophe of Östgöta Ops
Improved AI Driving by Sakura Chan
Improved taskDefend and taskPatrol by Binesi
On-the-fly GFX Changer by Deadfast
Missions Conditions Selector - F2 MP Framework

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