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3-opcrystalbreach.gif released a new coop mission for ArmA2 in our forums.

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Around 24hrs ago, SASR Reconnaissance patrols successfully secured data from a UAV providing enough evidence for the UN to grant us occupation of Chernarus on the grounds of genocide and warcrimes.
A small Forward Operating Base (FOB) has been established near the village Olsha. Our objectives for today, are to scout and secure a Main Supply Route (MSR) leading from the FOB, south along the main road, cutting off through the valley east to finish east of Khelm, just north of Berenzino Harbour. Khelm will be used as a FOB during the assault to take the deep water harbour which is critical to future operations; we need a suitable harbour to offload supplies from our Canberra class sitting off the shore.
The Australian Government have deployed troops in the area with the task of securing the docks of Berenzino Harbour to receive supplies and further establish U.N. forces.
The MSR is to be used to transport troops and supplies to Khelm for the forthcoming assault. The enemy know we want that harbour and so expect some heavy defences along the proposed MSR.

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