WIP report - PedagneMOD
Work in progress

Arremba San Zorzo informed us he has released new screenshots of the PedagneMOD on our forums.

Quote Arremba San Zorzo:
Hi, here are some pictures of PedagneMOD's work.
The soldiers and vehicles, that you can see are the upgrade of the soldiers made for Arma 1. This because the work is directed to make a release where the models are good for both Arma, and two specific config files are adapted to the specific version of ARMA........
My thought goes to the many guys that can't buy a new computer-machine that supported Arma 2, especially with this crisis...
Below some photo and at this link the comlete photos and news in Armaholic forum.

8582-mini261209_10mini.jpg 8582-mini261209_04mini.jpg 8582-mini271209_air_06mini.jpg
8582-mini261209_06mini.jpg 8582-mini261209_01mini.jpg 8582-minicolonna90_04mini.jpg

You can find more screenshots and post your feedback in the PedagneMOD topic.

Written on 2009-12-28 18:15 by Arremba San Zorzo  

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