Author: madbull
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0

Short description: This is a lightweight and efficient revive for the multiplayer game.

Date: 2011-09-28 19:20

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[R3F] Revive : A lightweight and efficient revive

madbull ~R3F~

Description :
This is a lightweight and efficient revive for A2/OA multiplayer game.
A player who was shot down falls into an unconscious state.
He can be revived by allowed players. His body can be dragged on the ground.
The revive has a powerful but clear and simple configuration system.

Features and characteristics :
  • Allowed players can revive (selected by classnames and/or slots and/or healing capability)
  • Players can drag unconscious bodies on the ground
  • The number of revive possibilities is configurable
  • When the player has no more possibilities of revive, he is out of game or he respawns at camp (according to the configuration)
  • If there is no medic to revive the player, he can respawn at camp (if allowed)
  • A player who is out of game can watch the game in spectator mode (if allowed)
  • Markers on unconscious players' position can be shown (configuration)
  • The player respawns with the same weapons/magazines as before the death

  • Multilingual (default : English & French)
  • Deeply tested : bug free
  • MP & JIP, AA2 & AA:OA compatible
  • Lightweight : 45 kB, no public variable neither setVariable
  • Configurable : configuration variables clearly explained (in English and French) in a config.sqf file

  • Installation :
    The installation is explained step by step in the INSTALL.pdf (in english and french) file. It can be easily installed on a mission and does not require a lot of knowledge in mission editing.

    Media :

  • Drag body feature now implemented !
  • New method to define who can revive by selecting slots, classnames, ... (no longer restricted to medics)
  • The unconscious marker is removed when the player disconnects while waiting for being revived
  • Players are no longer killed involuntarily (wreck explosions, ...) while waiting for being revived
  • Players can no longer use trick/hack to revive themselves

  • Forum topic :
    - BI forums

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