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Requirements: Island Panthera, Little Birds
Island(s): Island Panthera
Playable options: N/A

Version: Beta 0.23

Date: 2010-04-29 21:52

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Guerilla Warfare - Island Panthera

A new sandbox, a new Dynamic mission!
I was aiming for a rawer, tougher challenge than Dynamic War. However the original plan really wasn't coming together so what I've done is re-invent the wheel. There's (hopefully) enough changes to make it worthwhile playing

Currently has 8 different missions with over 50 locations.
Player can be captured and has to escape
Custom OnPlayerKilled camera
Custom Music
First aid sim
Ambient combat
civilian vehicles
Ups script
Additional AI patrols

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

If you are heavily injured in battle you will be captured. You will be in an enemy camp without any equipment. When you pick up a gun or get away from the camp you will be considered hostile and attacked. Get back to a Warlord to complete the mission and start again. Don't forget to pick up a map and compass!

Known issues:
Mission text and descriptions are a tad "dry", still learning how to do the objective/briefing thing.

There are a whole bunch of new commands in AAII and some of the old commands are used differently so I am a fish out of
water at the moment (even more than usual!).

Not sure if the player should be a Resistance fighter or Blufor behind the lines helping the resistance.

I'm not entirely convinced by the First aid modules as the detection can be erratic for capturing but it'll have to
do and it maybe partly my fault.

And yes, I am still using SQS.

To do:
Expand the mission somehow. More mission types=good!
Look at adding High Command facility

Change log:
Beta 0.23
- Added: An action at the medic to refresh the squad. Teamswitching to faulty units doesn't fix faulty AI so this is the only way I can think of to fix them.
- Added: Vehicles at base for tranportation
- Added: Repair option for vehicles
- Added: Norrins flip car script
- Added: Ultra Simple Patrol Script v1.0 by JW Custom
- Added: The ability to disrupt enemy communications by destroying radio towers. Each tower destroyed reduces the chance of enemy calling in artillery and reduces the range in which they'll call for reinforcement.
- Added: Ai value adjustments based on India Kilo's Zeus AI Combat Skills
- Change: UPSMON - Urban Patrol Script Mon instead of Kronzkys UPS script
- Change: Tweaked patrol generation and likelihood
- Change: Captured mission now counts as a mission played

Credits & thanks:
Beta Testers:

Special Thanks to Big and Armaholic for the download server
Also thanks to Tacrod and the DMA team for (as far as I know) the original Dynamic concept.

In Game Music by:
John Murphy

Still contains elements of DMA's Dynamic template from OFP.

Misc snippets and scripts:
Kronzky's UPS script
Big Daddy's Blitzy doggies (modified)
Really old unstick car script from OFP (modified)
afp's awareness script (modified)
Artillery loosely based on Mr Murrays from Arma. Sound effect pinched from same.
Again I am a script and code snippet magpie so if I've used anything and not credited my apologies.
Ai adjustments based on India Kilo's Zeus AI Combat Skills

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- BI forums

- Island Panthera
- Little Birds

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