TvT gamemode : Fallout by Mike (Mikee)
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Mike (Mikee) has submitted this RPG style mission for ArmA2.

Quote Mike (Mikee) :
Hi guys,
usually I'm releasing missions only for TacticalGamer community that I'm member of. However, my Fallout mission because popular on TG servers and I thoght that releasing it to public is a good thing.
I'm happy to proudly present you my postapocalyptic Fallout mission, that I was working on for almost two months.

Your gameplay feeling will be slightly different than in other missions. Everyone will find here something that they like.

You want to play in strictly tactical way, choose Raiders, Regulators or Enclave.

Wasteland loners, people who like to have free world of choice and scavening for equipment and weapons can join to Civilians side.

Remember, that this is long mission for mature players who can do role-playing.

Written on 2010-01-04 10:40 by Big  

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