TvT gamemode : Blue Run by Reimann

Reimann released a new Team vs. Team gamemode in the BI forums.

Quote Reimann :
Here is a TvT escort mission. The UN has sent medical teams in to a war torn country to administer humanitarian aid. When a large neighbour takes umbrage of foreigners and heathens next door, they invade to 'liberate' their ethnic cousins. The war is swift, and not only does the medical team face being overrun by a vastly superior force, the local warlords have attacked in order to win glory and influence.

Get out of Panthera before the tanks roll over the compound, but beware the militias, who caused the mess you were there to clean up.

Bluefor consists of the guard detail for one of the medical teams sent to Panthera [Panthera map] under the auspices of the UN. They number 22 in all, plus two Bradleys [ACE mod] in which the doctors and their assistants will be carried. The Opfor militia [FFAA models] number just five human players, but will respawn (it is a 'side' respawn) along the road between the medical compound and the airfield where salvation awaits Bluefor. They don't have much, and will need to be sneaky, delaying or chipping away at Bluefor with IEDs, suicide bombs, and rocket-propelled grenades.

Written on 2010-01-04 11:21 by Big  

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