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Version: 0.4

Date: 2010-01-06 07:52

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LZ Cow

Attack the rebel platoon command and kill all officers defending the position and destroy two fuel trucks.

The players start 1km off the southern shore, divided in 4 RIBs. It is the choice of each squad leader to decide where exactly to land, however the safest landing zone is the "Cow LZ".
After completing the objectives, all surviving players have to gather at the LZ to end the mission.

Since the enemy is an ill-equipped guerilla force, I tried to reflect that with the enemy combat tactics. You never run into large squads or heavy armor. Instead, The place is dotted with very inventive ambush setups and some fortified positions backed with heavy machine guns.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Team roster:
(Hund gave me some hints about player size, and I was able to figure out from the last sundays game how a good selection would look:

Platoon command
1x Officer
1x MG
3x Riflemen

Fireteams A - C
1x Squad leader
1x LMG
1x Medic
1x Rifle

- The complete mission is a handcrafted traditional coop, there are no quickly placed default squads standing around idly.
- Runs well on weaker pcs, because I avoided placing the action in larger towns.
- Has a working briefing and mission triggers.
- Uses Norrin's reviving script (deactivated in this version) - Uses BIS medic system.
- Quality placement of enemies. Every single unit is carefully placed by hand which provides challenging combat without resorting to overwhelming amounts.
- High replayability. 40% of the enemy force has various levels of existence probabilities.

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