Author: Marco-Polo-IV
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Requirements: MAP Misc

Version: 1.10
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2008-03-22 12:00

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AH-64 variants:
    - AH-64A (Combat)
    - AH-64A (Multi Role)
    - AH-64A (Ground Support)
    - AH-64A (Ground Support M229)
    - AH-64A (Ground Support Mixed)
    - AH-64A (Close Combat)
    - AH-64A (Maverick 2x)
    - AH-64A (Maverick 4x)
    - AH-64A (Sidewinder 6x)
    - AH-64A (TOW)
    - AH-64A (Close Combat) Black
    - AH-64A (Ground Support) Black
    - AH-64A (Ground Support M229) Black
    - AH-64A (Ground Support Mixed) Black
    - AH-64A (Maverick 2x) Black
    - AH-64A (Maverick 4x) Black
    - AH-64A (Sidewinder 6x) Black
    - AH-64A (TOW) Black
CH-47D variants:
    - CH-47D (transportiert 24 Soldaten)
    - CH-47D Cargo (tranportiert 12 Soldaten)
    - CH-47D MediVac (transportiert 24 Verwundete und 2 Sanit├Ąter)
AV-8B variants:
    - AV-8B (Maverick 5x)
    - movable MG
    - rotary sensor turret
    - animated tail fin
    - crew check
    - preflightcheck
    - countermeasures
    - nation script
    - Apache: wreck modell
    - 6 different FFAR variants
    - 16 fold Hellfirelauncher
    - Sidewinder
    - rockets with bomblets
    - illumination rockets
    - smoke rockets
Extract the pbo(s) to your ...ArmA\Addons folder or use a mod folder to install/launch it (recommended).
If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

Change log:
- Added Apache Proxy
- Models binarized

Optic errors gefixed
FLIR setup adapted to 1.08

map_air .pbo changes:
    A-10 LGB added
    A-10 AA addedt
    SU-34 B Kh-29L added
    Sounds added to MAP_Air
map_air_weap.pbo changes:
    Several bugs fixed
    Kh-29l launcher added
map_basic models.pbo:
    contains all model definitions
15.04.2007 Version 1.05:
AH-64A Versions with Black Camo added
AH-64A Speedbug fixed
AH-64A Models reworked
AH-64A Rescueflight Option added
AH-64A FLIR-Mode added(with auto. day and night-mode)
CH-47D Models reworked
CH-47D 2 Gunner added
Skip Preflight Option added (AH-64A and CH-47)
CH-47 Wreckmodel added
Wrecks CH-47 & AH-64 now useable in Editor
AV8B with Mavericklauncher added

new Sounds added:
    Preflightcheck Sounds reworked
    new AH-64 Rotorsounds
    CH-47D Startsound added

Air Weapons reworked
new Weapons added:
    Laser Destignator
    MAP_M2 (required for Multi Turret Versions)
    MAP_M2_2 (required for Multi Turret Versions)
    MAP_M2_3 (required for Multi Turret Versions)
    MAP_M2_4 (required for Multi Turret Versions)
    MAP_M2_5 (required for Multi Turret Versions)
    Maverick Launcher (Laser & IR-guided Version)
    TOW Launcher
    Hellfire A (Laser & IR-guided Version)
    Stinger Launcher
    LOBL-Script added for Hellfire AGM-114K (changed hellfire steering lock angle)

Known issues:
BIS standard problem wih rearming in MP on Dedi-Server.
Reammo-Bug on Dedi.-Server
(you can fixed them, you get in first as Gunner)

Depending on your system and settings fast LOD changes might occur with the CH-47D and CH-47D Medevac when in cargo view
If that's the case please change your settings to VIDEOOPTIONS / ADVANCED / OBJECTDETAILS ->> normal
At the moment the CH-47D is way too sensitive with steering.

Info & links:
- Online Readme
- Mapfact forum

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