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Date: 2010-01-05 20:58

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Arma2 Server Sync tool

After having tested the 6th Sense updater I found out that it still is not what I want, and what I think is an easy to use tool so somebody with a server has an option to host all his addons, and a client is able to connect to that addon server and sync all the addons that are on the server.
So I started to build some myself.
It will be a really basic tool that does ALL you need to be able to sync your addons with a server.
It does not have a startup thing yet and it does not host a list of servers.

With this tool you dont need no stinking .NEt or any other 3rd party bullshit.

Always use mod folders with custom addons!
If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Any with some interest in this, if you are known with Borland Delphi 7(pascal), please give me a yell and you might be able to help me out with more funky futures in this little application. (or maybe Kylix, you can halp out to make it linux proof)

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