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Date: 2010-01-05 21:14

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Russian army tactical signs
Dead Kennedy

This addon adds in game big (more than 150) pack of tactical signs, which are accepted in designing work map of a commander in Russian Army, which can be set on a map as markers (F6). Befits for easy creation of your own missions on the base of tactic of subdivisions of RA. Following markers entered in set:
    * Armament and armor vehicles.
    * Artillery, aviation, rearward services.
    * Knots of connection and management points in a range platoon-regiment.
    * Positions, actions, battle-orders of motorized infantry and tank subdivisions in a range platoon-battalion.
    * Mine-explosive barrages, actions of airbourne troops and diversion groups.

Demo missions are not included in this version. See version for Armed Assault.

Realism in addon.
Unfortunately there is no possibility to inflict the signatures of different colors to signs. Except for it, I didn’t include possibility to plot the bars of fire and sectors of fire on a map – on ArmA2 map it won’t be pleasure to watch on it.

In other, the set of markers ideally befits for creation of realistic missions, based on tactical tasks, which can be given for subdivisions of RA.

Field manuals of military forces or Russian Federation for motorized infantry and tank subdivisions foresee two types of action – offensive and deffensive. The enclosed demo missions contain the decision of two tactical tasks of motorized infantry subdivision with given and support forces.

They, except for it, can be used as example of making “commander’s work map” and briefing.

Briefing and map contains:
* Information about a situation on the area of action.
* Known information about composition and character enemy’s action, available data about the location of his points of management and fire weapons.
* Composition and task of our subdivision.
* Information about neighbours and interactive subdivisions.

These information is also plotted on map as conventional tactical signs, whereupon, a stage-by-stage standing before subdivision task follows in a kind "objectives".

Always use mod folders with custom addons!
If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo files:

- compatible with ArmA2
- fixed bugs in config, tank platoon and marines landing markers are aviable.
- added different car markers, cralwler tractor marker.
- added markers for MRLS, AA gun, recoilless AT.
- added markers of nuclear strike, tatctical missile strike, flare and flare bomb.
- added marcer for checkpoint, secret.
- added marker for dismounted subdivisions.
- added markers of single soldiers for squad level maps.
- demo missions are not included.

- First release.

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