Coop mission : Hard Fight by Ghost644 updated

Ghost644 has submitted a new version of this coop mission for ArmA2.

Changes in this version:
    - Added save/equip loadout action to ammo box. Save your loadout once your all set then on respawn if you want your saved loadout go to ammo box and use "Equip Loadout".
    - Weapon start script now selects primary weapon so player is able to fire without cycling firemode first.
    - Tweaked POW rescue trigger so either pow can activate it.
    - Changed ammobox script back to client side only - eliminates some publicvariables and less server load at start.
    - Numerous other tweaks.
    - Adjusted Enemy Infantry and Vehicle spawn scripts to be more random and easier to modify.
    - Removed Raven Lifter addon requirement because it was added to ACE.

Written on 2010-04-25 13:09 by Big  

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