Author: Aeneas2020
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 5.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2010-05-28 20:20

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Royal Netherlands Army
Aeneas2020, Binkowski, Eki, (Sic-Disaster), Raven DK, Enad, the dutch community

This Dutch Army Pack contains the following:
    - Dutch Infantry Temperate & Desert Camouflage, KCT, Dutch Jungle Troops & Marines In Regular and MICH Variants
    - Dutch Config
    - Dutch Weapons
    - DDAM Weapons
As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Credits & thanks:
Special Thanks To/ Contributors: Binkowski,Dimitri_Harkov, Raven DK, Enad, Animal Mother, Dasquade, Ardvarkb, Eki, Robert Hammer, DDAM Mod and finally the dutch community

- Fixed Shadow Bugs (I THINK!)
- Added Bush Hat shadow lods
- Removed 2nd IR strobe on mich helmet, and some other misc fixes with these.
- Added a replacement pack (thanks Eki!)

- Fixed weapons with black optics
- added server key

- Tweaked existing infantry models with new helmet webbing and uniforms
- New textures to go with above, normals, smdi etc
- Added Marines, KCT new troops, Dutch Jungle Troops and guys in Bush Hats
- Added MICH helmets with helmet accessories kindly donated by Dasquade and Ardvarkb
- Added new donated chest rigs
- Added Diemaco weapons thanks to Raven DK and the DDAM mod
- removed addon dependancy thanks to Robert Hammer!
- Better configs and Dutch names thanks to Dimitri Harkov
- A Million other small things.
- Finally again i couldn't have made any of this without the guys listed in the thanks section above! So again thank you guys!

- scrapped internal beta

- Totally New Models AGAIN!!! - By Binkowski
- Totally New Textures and Normal maps - These more accurately reflect the dutch troops. These ended up being redone about 15 times.
- Replaced helmet netting with a model instead of using a normal map.
- Included Korps Commandotroepen Version 1.0....These are just stock BI retextures.
- About 5000 other misc things which i am again forgetting.

- Totally new models for the soldiers
- New normal maps representing a more accurate version of dutch troops. Including Helmet net thing and body armor
- Put flag patch on correct arm
- Addons now signed and server keyed
- Changed the textures entirely so that they are now more in keeping with dutch DPM/DCU
- Fixed config error that could occur when switching between temperate and desert units on a server.
- A bunch more things i'm forgetting because i'm tired

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