WIP Report - Cold War RearmedĀ²
Work in progress

W0lle from the Cold War RearmedĀ² mod sent us a whole bunch of new wip screenshots.

Quote W0lle :
Time to unleash the propaganda machinery a bit.

Bradley courtesy of A.C.E.2
M113/M163, T-55, T-72 and T-80 courtesy of vilas.
Kozlice rifle courtesy of gms.
All AK rifles courtesy of vilas.

Please note that all screenshots are work in progress. All of the above screens were taken in Buldozer, they do not show the final or ingame model.

Big thanks to all contributors!

4-cwr2_ak47.png 4-cwr2_akmgl.png 4-cwr2_kozlice.png
4-cwr2_bradley.png 4-cwr2_m113.png 4-cwr2_m163.png
4-cwr2_t55.png 4-cwr2_t72.png 4-cwr2_t80.png

Written on 2010-01-11 22:42 by CWR2 PR  

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