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Date: 2007-03-11 02:50

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Spotter - Arti Template
CiA Balschoiw

Basic tech-demonstration on spotter-related automated
artillery strikes.
Range of artillery increases with viewdistance settings.
For MP useage just limit the range with placing a serverside gamelogic and the "setviewdistance 1000" value to have it work right on all clients.

It�s unscripted and can be implemented just by copy/paste or merging with your mission.

In this example the groupleader is placed ahead of the artillery units to simulate a forward observer. The leader is fixed to his position and as Arma Artillery for now is not able to move they will all stay in their positions.
Leader will spot targets and assign them to artillery. This way you are able to have long-range fire that is unscripted and directly related to the things the AI leader actually sees. It�s much more lifelike than scripted artillery as no attack will look the same and the outcome is directly related to skill settings of leader and artillery units.

In this example I used the D30 guns and an AGS. You are free to use other longrange firing units in the template aswell. Just try it. Should work with everything that makes boom.

Things to keep in mind when placing the template in your map:
    - try to put the artillery on high grounds
    - do not push it too far, if the leader is to far away he will not assign targets
The template is pretty much self-explanatory. You may wonder why I placed some Gamelogics and used setpos on some artillery to move them to the Gamelogics. That�s simply for precise placement some may want to have in their maps.

Right now there seem to be issues with placing units above ground level, e.g on top of a roof in
multiplayer, but once that is fixed with a BIS patch, you can place your spotter up in the trees, on a rooftop or whereever you like. Setunitpos "Down" does not work right with Arma aswell, that�s why I scrapped it from the template.

Just copy the folder to your Arma Userfolder\missions\ and load it in the editor.

Have fun !

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