SP mission : Test ACE gear by Alex72

Alex72 released a mission to test ACE2 gear in the BI forums.

Quote Alex72 :
Ok so i made a small mission where you can test out gear in the editor. This is a very simple mission and i just put it together so that some who doesnt know the editor can mess around in there instead of the armory, and get a more random combat feeling.

Some ground and air vehicles are put out inside a very simple and unrealistic base plus you have almost all ammo crates placed out so you can start testing it all. Change the vehicles and crates/objects around as you like to test everything ACE and ARMA2 has to offer. And get thrown into a very wild war using that gear. Its gonna get crazy. That ACM module is relentless on full force.

Please read the README's to learn how the things work in the mission (and some more). You should be able to change everything around to your liking if you do. This is also only single player atm, but if you want a MP version just tell me and i put in respawn for you and your mates as well (respawn doesnt work in SP). Hope someone gets a bit of fun out of it.

Written on 2010-01-14 17:40 by Big  

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