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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.84 beta
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Date: 2010-01-31 22:16

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The Undead Mod
Charon Productions

This mod is doing the impossible of simulating zombies in a military simulation that does not support melee attacks, indoor scenarios and many other things that had to be artificially created with this mod.

Most attention was put onto atmosphere, sounds and the infection spread and its dynamics unseen before in any zombie mod.
All 100+ civilians have textured zombie models and most BLUFOR units also.
Plus there is an infected "hound".

Whole islands can be infected with the new virtual infection and migration systems.

If you have a problem with minor bugs in a mod, better purchase one of the console-type zed mods and smile.

Due to the nature and complexity of this it will probably remain in beta status with no big guarantee for enormous future updates due to lack of development time.
I will try to fix any significant issues.

As we always recommend use modfolders. If you do not know how to make and use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo file(s):

The units can be found under the resistance side in the editor.

Rule of thumb for creating your own zed missions:
Keep the amount of zeds as low as possible.
Use the global variables for zedcount to manage your zed spawns.
About 60-80 zeds spawned at a time should be okay.
Missions with low lag won`t exhibit too bad collision problems etc.

For slow zombie missions it is disadvised to use the ACM, because
its spawns female civilians which can`t be turned into slow zombies.

For more information please read the included text files with more detailed info!

Known issues:
READ before posting or PM'ing!

- No MP (Multiplayer) compatibility of all the features
- Undead can pass through walls, so can vanilla arma units !
- Undead can warp some distance when shot or bumping at a certain speed into something
- It can also rarely occur, that a whole undead group does nothing and just stand around
even though it has correct waypoints (Arma2-pathfinding hang-up problem)
- The player does not take falling damage when friendlyfire is disabled
- Some towns are not correctly declared infection-free on the map
once all zeds are killed.

The demo missions are not perfect. I rather concentrated on the actual module itself,
than perfectionizing the missions.

Credits & Thanks:
Teacup (TCP) for his animations
Beta testers: Scrub, Irongrip, Figen, Icebreakr

- Fixed a bug where female civilians would attempt to pick
up weapons from dead soldiers which resulted in an arma error
message because female characters can`t use guns
- Static weapons like M2 minitripods on rooftops won`t be
assigned as target for the zombies anymore
- The antidote injection animation froze the player sometimes
Now the player is able to move freely after the injection
animation has been played back
- AI medics will now heal every unit that they normally heal from
damage ALSO from the infection IF they have the antidote in
their inventory
- Fixed a bug where some infected towns would not spawn undead on player
proximity. Now all infected named map locations (Capital/City/villages)
spawn undead as intended.
_ Undead won`t chase a helicopter over the whole map. They will "forget"
about it as a target if it is too far away.
They will also forget about human characters entering safezones or
climbing higher
- Action menu priority for the "inject antidote" has been lowered to be bottom
of the list, so the player would not inadvertently fire up that action
- Fixed a bug in the control script where a group that has no units added yet
would not be able to deliver a position for the group leader thus resulting
in an error message.
- Added a global variable that would if set to true prevent infected
soldiers that are in the process of becoming undead to use the radio
- For inexperienced mission makers or to make life easier for the experienced
a new module has been added. "THE UNDEAD - Spawn Module"
It automatically spawns undead in regular intervals and thereby creates
waves of undead.
- New Global variable CHN_UNDEAD_ZEDLIMIT (100 by default) for the spawn module
- New undead model for Schnapsdrosel`s excellent BlackOps merc unit (gasmask)
Install his addon and have the gasmask woodland merc come back as an undead.
The unit that can be "zombified" is of the type "WDL_Mercenary_Default12"
Woodland gasmask mercenary

- Resurrecting undead will now be correctly positioned
also when they resurrect inside of buildings or bridges
- Custom soldier addons will now be replaced with a generic
model belonging to the same side as the infected custom soldier
- Zedgroup count works now as intended
- Fixed a syntactical bug in the populate function
and fixed every zed spawn function so that it would spawn
zeds also if there is no zed on the map yet (createcenter issue)
- Fixed a significant bug that would cause newly spawned zeds to attack each other
because they would be declared "human" by another part of the module.
That also fixes the occasional bad vehicle type :"UNDEAD_UNDEAD_xxxxx" error
- New undead group type with the identifier variable "CHN_UNDEAD_STATICGRP"
which does not migrate or patrol but does nothing until it spots humans.
- infected soldiers will be audible over radio when they die from the infection.
- New variables :
    CHN_UNDEAD_INITIALIZED : true when the module is initialized
    CHN_UNDEAD_ZEDPOPUL1 : true when a town gets populated with undead
    by the virtual infection system. Can be set to false again by the mission maker
    if he scripts a reaction to the population process.
    False at module startup
    CHN_UNDEAD_ZEDPOPPOS : contains the position of the populated location
    CHN_UNDEAD_ZEDPOPLOCNM : contains the name of the populated location
New function:
    [_spawnpos,_spawnnumber] call CHN_UNDEAD_fn_CRSTATZEDGRP
    spawns a group of random type undead with _spawnnumber members that does not migrate or patrol
    returns: group
v0.82a beta
- Friendly fire handling now works as intended while allowing damage by enemy fire and helicopter crashes as well as falling damage and being run over by cars

v0.82 beta
New functions:
[exceptlist] call CHN_UNDEAD_fn_SETMAPINF
[["Chernogorsk"]] call CHN_UNDEAD_fn_SETMAPINF;

Sets all locations on the map to infected status except the locations in the list (list their name-strings there)
New feature:
Undead can be completely cured from the infection
with an experimental substance
that can be used in projectiles.

Magazine name: CHN_10Rnd_762_Revert
Ammo name : CHN_762_Revert

- undead won`t seem to be running into the safezone border anymore.
Human targets inside the triggers will be disregarded.

New Global variable:
if true, then no map infection markers are displayed

v0.81 beta
- Fixed zeds "running in the air" for a too long time in steep terrains
- Humans on rooftops or significantly higher altitudes than the zeds won`t be
assigned as their targets anymore
- Static weapon crews are now vulnerable to zombie attacks as intended
- Friendlyfire works now.
CHN_UNDEAD_FRIENDLYFIR=true in your init.sqf of your mission
enables friendlyfire, but it can`t be turned off at a later point.

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- BI forums

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