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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 24-05-2013
Signed: Yes

Short description: This pack contains different Russian and Eastern Europe weapons.

Date: 2013-05-24 22:34

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East Weapon Pack

vilas & SV5000

This pack contains different Russian and Eastern Europe weapons. Check the included readme for all available classes.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Classnames are in the readme.
Addon to the classnames:

Credits & Thanks:
- config, replacement : Dmitri Harkov
- second replacement
- sounds : ANZACSAS Steve, OFPWarior, Flashpoint.Ru and Youtube ;
- optics, reticles help: Dead Kennedy, Flashpoint.Ru
- other people that helped in proper shape, look , details of weapons
- animations Udaloy and F-Ru again
- many other things that shaped this pack Flashpoint.Ru
- Update hard work by SV5000, thanks

The included files cannot be used in any type of commercial projects, professional projects (this includes but is not limitted to professional usage of VBS and/or VBS2) or projects funded by donations. This includes projects based upon mods like DayZ which I mention specifically due to the nature of most DayZ related projects.
I have decided to add these limittations to the usage of my content because addons are made to be for free gaming, not profit making of any type.
These limitations also apply to any previous permission ever given in the past. If you wish to use my content in a commercial, donation or professional way, no matter the date you started to use it, you will have to contact me (again) and await written permission. If you do not wish to ask for my permission you are forbidden to use any of my content and you should stop using my content in anyway immediatly.

There is no permission to use any of my addons in DayZ due to profit-making character of DayZ related projects. Any of my addons such as (but not limitted to) weapons packs, civilian/military vehicles and all Project 85 addons should no longer be used in any DayZ related projects due to character of DayZ activity in Armaversum.
Usage of any of my addons in any other mods require my written permission!
All of this also applies to elements of models released before MLODS which are for Arma2 military not DayZ since now.

You can not use any of my work to make money or ask for donations without my explicit permission.

This license replaces any previous license. If the archive contains another license you are to accept the license written on this page instead!

Update hard work by SV5000, thanks
- Added the AK12 / AK12 with Aimpoint and Flashlight / AK12 GP25
- Added VSK94 with PSO Scope
- Following Weapons now have secondary 'Ironsight' type view for CQB:
    - AK-74m NSPU3
    - AK-74m PSO
    - SV98 / SV98_69 / SV98SD
    - SVD / SVD PN58 / SVDK / SVDM / SVDM P21 / SVDS
    - SVU / SVU-A
    - M76
    - M91
- Added 40 New Equipment inventory icons.
* Config tweaks;
- VSS versions not showing the scope zeroing
- RPO-A Magazine Inventory pic not showing up
- PKM PN58 Optics error, (missing ; ; )

- added AK 12 ironsight: class Vil_AK_12 magazine "vil_60Rnd_545x39_AK" 60 rounds thick mag

- fixed tiny bug in config

config by Xeno
- divided from main file (to allow any modification of config)

Config by : XENO426, Dimitri_Harkov, da12thmonkey fixed by Vilas, added AKS with RPK mag on request
previous version 05-03-2011 clear new Xeno config
Added zeroing to all weapons that don't use Holo or Aimpoint-style sights
Added select fire to the APS/APB pistol
Increased PYa round velocity to +P+ standard
Edited flight characteristics of RPG-29 rocket (increased velocity, very short rocket motor duration)
Burst option removed from AEK-971/973, as only the AEK-971s/973s have this option
PSL uses a unique magazine (vil_10Rnd_PSL)

previous version from february : (DPRK AKS74 added plus AK74M Eot, fixed to real RPK sights)

in future pack will be growing if there will be such needs

- Pecheneg EOT
- more AK74M for spec-ops (Eotech , FSB)

- added Yugo weapons

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