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Date: 2010-01-24 21:34

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Basic SQF-Scripting guide

This guide aims at people without or little scripting experience. You don’t need to have any previous coding experience with say; java-script, vb-script. However, if you have worked with SQF previously you might still find this guide interesting.
The guide also makes references to articles on the BIS:Wiki, where you should look to find more
information about commands, and to search for commands which may cover your needs. The scripting commands are quite easy to understand, search and you will most certainly find what you are looking for.
Please read the guide thoroughly, when finished you should be able to make your first more advanced missions which includes both procedures and functions, and have more understanding about the data types and structure of the code.
All examples found in this guide are working and may be used as you want.

The source code of the mission created in this document can be found in the zip-file.

- Updated usage of arrays
- best practices “memory usage in scripts”
- updated “crew article”-picture
- with explanation boxes

- Updated examples, with (alt+tab), made some changes in the text.

- Renamed document to “Guide”. Added section “Examples”, updated “Best practices”,
- pretty much rewrote the whole thing.

- Updated sections
- formatted the code
- added the “When Do I Need Scripting?” section
- added wiki article about operators
- added sub section “More on variables”

- First version of this document

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