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Version: 1.1
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Date: 2010-01-20 21:17

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Nome Summer

This island was mostly for testing. I decided to make it a little nicer and release it.
Inspired by the area around Nome in Alaska. A fictional island not far from the coast. Its a very small map (about 4x4 kilometres) with an island.
You can find two small settlements and a lighthouse connected by a small road. The island is mostly covered with gravel, heather and blueberry.
and has many rocky areas. There is not much but mostly custom vegetation but the bumpy ground and the rocks may give good cover for infantry.

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

I hope you enjoy exploring the island. If you want to intensify the the winterfeeling use NIM dynamic weather.
If you find any bugs or have suggestions leave me a message, there might be a followup version if it is wanted by the community.

Since this island has a very small terraingrid, I suggest to set Vd to 3000 max and landscapedetail to normal or low. This doesn´t affect visual quality too much.

All the community at Bis-forums and Armaholic who gave me tips and shared their
knowledge, to Bis for the game.

- terraingrid changed for more performance
- added and moved some plants, rocks and some objects for testing
- minor changes to satmap and cluttersettings

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

- Betons addons

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