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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.05
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2010-04-25 20:52

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US Army Special Forces


This Addon is a retexture of USMC Force Recon units, that rapresent US Army Special Forces wearing all the different camos available.
This time I've added also the BI Heavy gear's models, in order to choose wich kind of asset you want to play with, depending on mission !
That means you can choose for every class (rifleman, team leader, medic, AA, AT, ecc...) to use the "light" or the "heavy" gear version , and you can choose also in which camo you want the units (ACU, multicam, desert or woodland) order to offer the larger opportunity of choiche possible!

Available units:
    - SF Light Gear ODA (ACU): wearing ACU uniform.
    - SF Light Gear ODA (Multicam): wearing multicam uniform.
    - SF Light Gear ODA (Woodland): wearing woodland BDU uniform.
    - SF Light Gear ODA (Desert): wearing 3 colors desert DCU uniform.
    - SF Heavy Gear ODA (ACU): wearing ACU uniform.
    - SF Heavy Gear ODA (Multicam): wearing multicam uniform.
    - SF Heavy Gear ODA (Woodland): wearing woodland BDU uniform.
    - SF Heavy Gear ODA (Desert): wearing 3 colors desert DCU uniform.
    - SF "ghillie" recon\snipers : wearing desert or woodland ghillie suite.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation about using modfolders.

The Units will be found in the editor under BLUFOR >> US Army Special Forces,(same for the groups), sorted by the different camouflage of the uniforms and gear.

Included files:

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

ACE2 files Installation:
- file: "mas_usa_spec_ACE2_cfg_repl.pbo"
You can use the OPTIONAL ACE2 CONFIG that you'll find in the "ACE2 config" folder that replace SF weapons with the ACEX ones, and add some of the great ACE2 stuff (like gasmask, balaclavas, ecc...), this way my SF classes will be automatically replaced.

- file: "mas_usa_spec_ACE2_new_cfg.pbo"
If you have problems using the previous file, look inside "ACE2 congif >>> backup ACE config (new classes) " : there you'll find another replacement file that instead of overwriting my SF classes, create new ones ( BLUFOR>>> US Army Special Forces ACE) using ACEX weapons and equipment (same as above).

both files are SIGNED, choose the best solution for you, BUT REMEMBER TO USE ONLY ONE AT A TIME!!!

Replacement files Installation:
In the folder "replacement files" you'll find 4 replacement file, all SIGNED , for each camos.
Just choose the one you prefer and it'll replace standard BI force recon models with the SF ones in your preferred camo.
Same things for ACE2 SF units replacements.
Using the replacement of your choice , it'll replace ACEX US Army SF models with the camouflage you choosed.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to BI for the great game and to all the community for their great support and addons!
Thanks to all Armaholic staff and users for the support!

- Totally redone ACU textures
- Fixed some others textures
- Update ACEX optional configs (enabled ACEX voices module)
- Added ACEX US Army SF replacements

- Totally redone multicam textures.
- Fixed ghillie spotter textures.
- Added ACU and multicam combat shirt textures.

- Totally redone woodland textures
- Fixed ACE2 optional config

- Added new "Heavy Gear" classes in ACU,"multicam",desert and woodland uniforms (retextured BI Assault rifleman and grenadier Force Recon).
- Added "ghillie" snipers\recon units and team for woodland and desert environment.
- Added basic rifleman , grenadier and disarmed unit class for all the unit's classes.
- Added balanced groups in the editor for all the classes.
- Added ACE2 OPTIONAL Config files: this files replace US SF gear and weapons with the ACEX ones, use only one replacement at a time (requires ACEX)!!!.
- Added 4 replacement file: you can chose to replace standard BI Force Recon models with ACU, multicam, woodland or desert Special Forces ones... remember to use only one replacement at a time!!!
- Fixed\Improved some textures.

- Totally redone ACU , Multicam and Woodland textures
- Updated other textures
- team leader has now medical ability for better gameplay
- Totally redone groups organization for better gameplay

- Initial release

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

(only required if you wish to use the ACE2 replacement)
Advanced Combat Environement 2 eXtras

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