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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras, Community Base addons, Quesh-kibrul, FFAA terrorists, MARSOC
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Version: 2.0

Date: 2010-04-10 06:44

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75th Rangers In Iraqi - Operation Red Blood

- Fort Benning's 75th Rangers have been tasked with securing a Blackhawk's crash site, while doing recon over the city they were shot down by an RPG. HQ has requested the 75th rangers go in and secure the Blackhawk's wreck and destroy it.

- You will also be tasked with securing the city from insurgents, our UAV has confirmed sightings of infantry over the roof tops that are armed with AA and RPGs, along with infantry and technicals patrolling the city and outer city limits.

- HQ also have advised that there are multiple AA emplacements in the AO and one has already been spotted by one of our UAVs.
* This will need to be destroyed so that you can get choppers in there to get snipers on the ground and on the roof tops to provide support for the ground teams.

- The only means of assault is to go through Hells Highway in to the city, this area is extremely hostile, base camp has provided you with Humvees, 1 Bradley, and a Tank.

- You have artillery support if needed to provide accurate fire support for ground infantry to move in, and an apache has also been assigned to your team as well due to multiple tanks and enemy aircraft being spotted in the AO.

- Inside information has been gathered and confirms that there are multiple weapons cashes in the area as well as insurgents holding up an arms factory. The area will need to be cleared out and those weapons cashes will need to be destroyed.

- After these objectives are done there will be a boat waiting for you on the out skirts of the main land at the docks to get you back to base safely. You need to get to this location to escape.

* ACE Medic system
* Respawns
* Map Tools --> Usage:
    * Press H to place the ruler. Shift and click to drag the ruler around the compass. Press J at a point off from the center of the compass to align the compass on that heading (to read direction between two points).
    * Hold [ and drag while holding left mouse button to start drawing. Hold [ and click once to draw an origin point. Press ] to draw a straight line from origin to that point or hold ] and drag while holding left mouse button until you are satisfied with the line.
    * Click to select a line and press \ to erase it.
    * To copy a map move to anyone who has the Map Tools and move within 1.5 meters of them. An action to copy their map will appear in your action menu. Stay within 1.5 meters of them while the map copies. This may take some time, a progress hint will appear in the upper right hand part of the screen showing how many lines you have copied.
* The new [R3F] Artillery and Logistic : Manual artillery and advanced logistics
    - Choppers can lift most vehicles & objects
    - Artillery system is implemented using laptop. Send co ordinates to your team mates for fire missions, when they get in the arty they will have to match up the co ordinates received.
    - Tow feature so you can attach Artillery guns.
    - Loading system, you can load ammo crates, bikes, sand bag walls, objects etc in to trucks / cars depending on size etc
* FFAA Terrorists
    - Afghan militants
    - Hamas
Defunkt made a modification of the default BIS Javelin reticle that you can grab: Here
* The mando_portables.pbo enables a better (wider) reticle for the Javelin and replaces the default crosshair with more authentic targeting 'stadia', these changes can only be made with an addon where the core MMA suite can be addon or script-only hence it is packaged separately. It is especially recommended if your display resolution should result in part of the default reticle showing.
* Touch / Bump into other players script: If you bump in to another player their screen will move (to make it feel more realistic)
* ACE + ACEX: Patrol scripts
* Units: - Bink's MARSOC UNITS
* Gear:
    - Special forces Humvees which have 3 MGs and passenger slots
    - Bradley
    - Tank
    - Apache
    - Mountain bikes
    - Trucks
    - All Ace Weapons and gadgets including wire cutters C4 etc
    - Artillery guns / Lap top firing interface
And much much more!!!

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

4 fire teams named: Hitman 1, 2, 3, 4
And 2 sniper teams consisting of 2 men in each one.

Change log:
- New Marsoc units
- Lots of changes and fixes
- Added new weapons etc

- Added more defensive positions in on the enemy's side.
- Removed song at start, gets annoying after a while.
- You can now respawn and JIP players should be able to connect as well.
- Removed control over AI (Disabled AI in own team)

- Fixed - US ARMY Black Hawk class was wrong
- Fixed - Music error message
- Fixed - Some weapon class errors
- Fixed - 2 Objectives were coming up as already done
- Added - The new 'Map Tools'

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- BI forums

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras
- Community Base addons
- Quesh-kibrul
- FFAA terrorists

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