Author: SoldierX
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Requirements: Community Base addons, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core

Version: beta 3
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is the first release of the Infantry Weapons Pack.

Date: 2010-05-15 16:05

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AAW - Infantry Weapons Pack - ACE
Australians At War Addon Team

After a few months the AAW Team is proud to release Version one of there Infantry Weapons pack.
This is the first release of the pack. We will be making updates to it.
The pack currently comes in 2 forms. The vanilla version of this weapons pack can be found here.

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Credits & Thanks:
Sabre: ACOG, 1.5 optic, F88 rail reciever, barrel, NAD, Torch
F88 magazine placeholder, Mag58 placeholder, Carl gustav, M72a6 textures
Norrin: Configs, All Scripts, O2 Weapon set up, hand animations
Harry: F88 Stock, F88A1 Reciever, various materials.
SoldierX: F88, M72a6, l14a1, F89 Parts, Mag58 Flash suppresor
and F1 grenade models and normal maps. Various build parts.
Oni: F88 Sound
Uziyahu--IDF: M72A6 loading sound
Synide: F88 Shadow Lods

Inko: For letting us use his disposable launcher config
[XDF]Azza: help with reference material
[XDF]Mad: help with reference material
[XDF]Casey: help with reference material
Arron Duke: For help with teaching hand animations
Synide: For original config on the AAW ArmA1 weapons
BIS: For use of models
Dev Heaven: Config advice
ACE2: Config advice, CQB sight concept
F2: drag crate concept
ACE2 Mod - for kindly allowing us to use their M240 and M249 weapon sounds in the
ACE version of the AAW weapons addon - for our new home

Beta 3
1. Sound fixes by ANZAC SAS Steve
2. Mag 58 and F89 are compatible with the m240 and m249 magazines respectively
3. Normal maps fixed for various weapons
4. ACE version has adjustable sights for Carl Gustav, F88 GLA and M72a6. Use the up and down arrows to adjust

Beta 2
* NZ IW steyr variants and ammo box
* Deployable bipods on LMGs - uses the H key
* Tracers for F89 and F88
* Full tracer mags for all AAW weapons and 1 in 5 tracer mags for LMGs
* ACE tac light functionality for the F88s and IW Steyrs in the ACE version (L key)
* Two new variables that can be added to the init.sqf to switch off (default is on) the frontgrips/bipods or CQB sight functionality

* Front handgrips on the F88s now use H key to be deployed
* Hints now use hintSilent
* Improved front hand grip animation for the F88s

* "Invisible weapons" bug that occurred when spamming the function keys
* ACE version is now compatible with the ACE grenades
* Players who are equipped with an AAW weapon at mission start will now have the grip and CQB functionality without having to drop and pick up the weapon again
* Fuzzy textures in pilot lod of carlGs
* Carbine barrels shortened to correct length

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base addons
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core

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