Warfare gamemode : Carrier WarfareBE @Duala Testmissions by [URC]
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[URC]Stoned has submitted a modified version of the warfare mission by Benny.

Quote [URC]Stoned :
arrier WarfareBE 2.054 @Duala Testmission...

...working on a carrier version for Benny`s Warfare URC EDIT @ACE2 @Duala @Mando Missiles @Kuznetsov.

To get some feedback and perhaps some new ideas, i give it to the public to play with it.

As i am not good with scripting, i used partly scripts from Xeno & Doolitle, and of course Benny´s excellent Warfare, Thank´s for that guys !

Written on 2010-01-29 07:15 by Big  

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