SP & Coop mission : 1-13 Red Mercury updated

laggy released a new version for one of his latest missions in our forums. This mission can be played in coop and singleplayer.

Changes in this version:
    - Added a join option for REAPER helo team, you can now have them in the same group as GHOST DOG.
    - Added an AH-1Z Cobra as muscle in REAPER to assist you in enemy territory.
    - Increased skill of friendly units.
    - Added some stuff ("surprise units").
    - Added more pics in briefing.
    - Music tracks for more atmosphere.
    - More info in briefing and some additional touch-ups.
    - Geiger meters now react at a longer distance (500m) from the bomb and additional hints are given.

Written on 2010-02-16 07:41 by Big  

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