WIP Report - Chieftain MK12 & Challenger 1
Work in progress

Trouble has sent us some screenshots of the Chieftain MK12 & Challenger 1 tanks he has been working on.
They are based on the default BI M1.

4-arma22010-02-0222-28-30-93.jpg 4-arma22010-02-0222-30-16-35.jpg 4-arma22010-02-0222-31-04-75.jpg
4-arma22010-02-0222-37-47-35.jpg 4-arma22010-02-0222-38-05-93.jpg 4-arma22010-02-0222-39-12-14.jpg

Written on 2010-02-05 21:54 by Trouble  

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