Viewdistance bug adressed

Increased view distance, quite stunning!!!!
Dslyecxi has released a video showing how it looks like to fly in a Harrier with a 6km view distance.

You can view the video in 2 different ways.
View it streaming in our streaming video section
Or download it from here.

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We missed some important and good news which definatly deserves a news post here on

Dslyecxi has posted the following in the BI forums:
Ever wonder why changing your view distance from 5km to 10km resulted in no visible increase, and even 5km didn't look all that far or good? Apparently it was a bug... and, as you can see, it's being addressed.

This is going to be an incredible change for all pilots.

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56k warning!!!

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Written on 2007-03-16 05:13 by Foxhound  

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