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BD1's Combat Ambience

When making a mission...ambience is one of the most important factors and I feel many forget the impact that sight (or lack of), sounds, etc, have on our gaming experiences.

4 sounds for your enjoyment:
You then have to create a 'sound' folder in your mission to store the sounds. You then have to define the sounds in your mission description file for example:

class CfgSounds
sounds[] = {combat1, distantmortars1, jetflyby1}; 

class combat1
name = "combat1";
sound[] = {"\sound\combat1.ogg", db+1, 1.0};
titles[] = {};

class jetflyby1
name = "jetflyby1";
sound[] = {"\sound\jetflyby1.ogg", db+1, 1.0};
titles[] = {};

class distantmortars1
name = "distantmortars1";
sound[] = {"\sound\distantmortars1.ogg", db+1, 1.0};
titles[] = {};

Then just create a trigger, go to the effects tab at the bottom left hand corner and find the sound you want to play in the 'anonymous' sounds list. Scroll to the bottom and that is where you will find the new sounds.

They should now be ready to use in your mission.

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