WIP Report - Conspiracies: Rising Dead
Work in progress

Sled88 did contact us and told us he returned the the modding community and announced the Conspiracies: Rising Dead mod for Armed Assault.
All old OFP players will remember the awesome Conspiracies Trilogy of which the last Conspiracies-mod, Conspiracies: The Experience, was released over 4 years ago.
This mod is schedueled to be released for Armed Assault in March and after that will be ported to ArmA 2.

Quote Sled88 :
I am back... I hope some of you remember the good old Conspiracies Trilogy for OFP. 4 years were gone since the last Conspiracies-mod (Conspiracies: The Experience). I hope there are still some people who are interessted in chernobyl areas, secrets, STALKERs and more.
Make sure to visit the Conspiracies website.

The features:
    - no Sector-system like you know from the other parts
    - free gameworld, you can do what you want to do
    - sleep for a better day and night timing
    - eat dead animals for recovering your health
    - real territories based on REAL chernobyl pictures from the web
    - Prypjat will be included
    - the Powerplant will be included
    - new STALKER and Cleaner models
    - Anomalies like in the 3rd part of Conspiracies
    - dynamic weather conditions
    - detailed places on the map
    - make your own "home"
    - dynamic generated enemys and anomalies, so the gameplay wont be the same...
    - dynamic generated mission (for endless game)
4-conspiracies_wip007.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip008.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip015.jpg
4-conspiracies_wip020.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip021.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip022.jpg

You can find more screenshots and teaser videos in the Conspiracies: Rising Dead wip topic.

Written on 2010-02-04 22:10 by Sled88  

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