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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core & eXtras, Community Base addons, Isla Duala , MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon
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Version: 1.3

Date: 2010-05-04 20:52

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=TFS= Operation Foothold

Since early 2000 Isla Duala has been wracked by civil war and a severe famine, severe fighting broke out in Bolobongo, which has continued througout the following years and spread throughout the country,
These wars led to the destruction of the agriculture of Isla Duala which in turn led to starvation in large parts of the country.

The international community began to send food supplies to halt the starvation, However the Agreements for aid distribution with one faction are worthless when the stores have to be shipped through the territory of another faction.
Meanwhile, hundreds, if not thousands of poverty-stricken refugees are starving every day. Vast amounts of food have hijacked and brought to local clan leaders,
who routinely exchanged it with other countries for weapons, Peacekeeping Troops have been shot, Aid ships attacked, hijacked and prevented from docking, cargo aircraft have been fired upon and aid agencies, public and private, were subject to threats, looting and in the worse cases gang rape and murder.

The situation on the Isla Duala has continued to worsen with the less powerful of the rival factions splintering into smaller factions and then splintering again.
where as the more powerful factions have merged with the so called 'Brothers of the sword' becoming by far the richest and most powerful of all the factions.
Faced with a humanitarian disaster in Isla Duala, exacerbated by a complete breakdown in civil order, the United Nations have created a Joint Task Force (codenamed Saviour) which is to be led by the Americans ,
with the primary mission of restoring order to the region by any means necessary and ridding the country of the bandits responsible.

Mission directive:
The main UN Task Force is fast approaching the shores of Isla Duala.
A land base to accommodate the bulk of the force and with airlift capabilities has been identified. The former military airfield to the North of the region will be an ideal FOB for the task force.
Following the fall of the government the facility was taken over by the 'Brothers of the sword' most of the military equipment there fell into their hands. The airfield has since become the heart of the rebels organization, capturing it will not provide our boys with a home for the duration of our stay but it will deal a massive blow to the rebels.

Your team of operators are to insert into the area and destroy the rebels Anti Aircraft capabilities and create a safe passage for a the main assault force.

Extract the pbo file to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Change log:
- Reduced to 6 man player team
- Removed ACE PLA from required addons
- Removed African resistance from required addons
- Medic only revive
- Removed AAA units from objective list
- Removed endless respawn option
- AI Enabled
- Reworked Enemy AI
- Reworked extra objectives
- Removed Carrier start added a more jip friendly land base
- *Added a Choice of insertion types
- Added a selection of weaponry
- Added radio chat
- and a shed full of other stuff.

- Removed mobile spawn option.
- Only two RV (spawn) points which now need securing before becoming available.
- Marine assault force now fast rope into airfield.
- Added Map click extraction.
- Added time of day settings.
- MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras
- Community Base addons
- Isla Duala
- MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon

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