Coop mission : =TFS= Operation Foothold updated

shark-attack has submitted a new version for this coop mission for ArmA2.

Changes in this version:
    - Reduced to 6 man player team
    - Removed ACE PLA from required addons
    - Removed African resistance from required addons
    - Medic only revive
    - Removed AAA units from objective list
    - Removed endless respawn option
    - AI Enabled
    - Reworked Enemy AI
    - Reworked extra objectives
    - Removed Carrier start added a more jip friendly land base
    - *Added a Choice of insertion types
    - Added a selection of weaponry
    - Added radio chat
    - and a shed full of other stuff.

Written on 2010-05-04 20:52 by Big  

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