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Date: 2010-02-05 22:08
Submitted by: Armaholic

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Hi Sled, thank you for wanting to tell us something about your upcoming Conspiracies Mod.

Sled88 :
Yes, great to talk to you about it. Where should I start? :
Tell us something about the story of the mod.

Sled88 :
It plays in the year 2013. The crash of the Sovjetunion never took place this time. An expedition-force of the US-governmet was send to the dangerzone chernobyl. You will play as an American, a so called stalker. He was a reporter years ago. He was lovely called "The black eye" in the USA. You were send there to find out what the Russians are doing there, why they rebuilded the powerplant.

4-wip023.jpg 4-wip024.jpg :
So it has nothing to do with your previous parts which were released for OFP?

Sled88 :
No absolutly nothing. :
Can you give us some key-features of the mod?

Sled88 :
Sure, no sector-system like in the other parts of Conspiracies. This time the ArmA-Engine is strong enough to handle such highly detailed gameworld without lag every 3 seconds.
Additional a sleeping script. You can skip time with it to begin a mission at night or day, or morning and evening.
I am espacially proud of the MOH-Modul. You have complete freedom, compare it to Conspiracies: The Experience... Just this time you have one mission, the Main-Mission. But you can find several other missions and quest in the gameworld. Your rewards can be a vehicle, a weapon, a suit, additional equipment, new rumors, a new team-member and of course additional missions.

4-conspiracies_wip009.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip011.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip012.jpg :
You said MOH-Modul? What is it good for?

Sled88 :
Yes the MOH-Modul. It is a place or better house you will get if you completed your first mission in CRD. There you will find a house to sleep in, this recovers your health completly. A crate with weapons, you will get all rewards with weapons delivered in this crate. And a garage, there you will get all delivered vehicles as a reward for a mission. So you have a place to rest when the zone gets to dangerous for you. Also some special teammates will wait there if you completed some Main-Missions.

4-conspiracies_wip013.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip014.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip016.jpg :
Let's talk about the new characters in the mod. What can we expect?

Sled88 :
Well definitly some monsters and zombies. Of course stalkers and the cleaners, known from the previous 3 parts. But one new class is involved now: the scientists. They will give you brand new equipment and weapons for completing missions. :
Again to the gameworld: What size can we expect? And what is about the performance?

Sled88 :
The size is about 64kmĀ². I found that objects which were placed by the editor have not such a performance problem like the ones which were set with visitor. So I created the whole gameworld with the ingame editor. :
So we will have to expect a very long loading-time?

Sled88 :
Yes indeed, about 3-4min. But therefor no additional loading-times when it is loaded once.

4-conspiracies_wip017.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip018.jpg 4-conspiracies_wip019.jpg :
How many mission and quest will you include?

Sled88 :
I supposed this to be an endless game... So I say a number like 20 missions, 5 Main-Missions and about 30 quest hidden all over the gameworld. :
The community wanted the possibliliy to talk to the persons you meet in there. Is it possible this time?

Sled88 :
Yes of course! You will have to talk to people or you wont get new missions, quests or rumors. :
How can you create a whole mod within 3 or 4 month?

Sled88 :
Well the first week I returened to the community it was very empty I felt. So I searched for my old crew members and found some! In addition I found a lot of people helping with the mod right now. I counted 14 members two days ago. :
So your expected releasedate is...?

Sled88 :
I presume the 25th March 2010. :
Anything you want to say to the community?

Sled88 :
Yeah, thank you all! You give ma a great time everytime I turn on my computer!!

Make sure to visit the Conspiracies website.

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