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Yesterday we informed the community about the Conspiracies: Rising Dead mod for Armed Assault Sled88 has started working on.
Today we are happy to release a short interview Sled88 gave us about his new modding project.

Quote : :
Tell us something about the story of the mod.

Sled88 :
It plays in the year 2013. The crash of the Sovjetunion never took place this time. An expedition-force of the US-governmet was send to the dangerzone chernobyl. You will play as an American, a so called stalker.... :
Can you give us some key-features of the mod?

Sled88 :
Sure, no sector-system like in the other parts of Conspiracies. This time the ArmA-Engine is strong enough to handle such highly detailed gameworld without lag every 3 seconds.
Additional a sleeping script. You can skip time with it to begin a mission at night or day, or morning and evening........

You can read the complete Conspiracies: Rising Dead interview here.

Written on 2010-02-05 22:33 by Sled88  

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