SP & Coop mission : Hearts and Minds updated

AnimalMother92 informed us he released a new version of this mission for ArmA2, which can be played in coop or singleplayer.

Changes in this version:
    - Replaced hints with chatter
    - Improved triggers
    - Added some group IDs
    - Only team leader can call CAS
    - Added Mk 262 ammo
    - Added animation to HVT
    - Patrol locations are more varied
    - Added class descriptions for MP lobby
    - Replaced BIS Injury System with ACE Wounding System
    - Added ACE AI chatter/vehicle radio modules
    - ACE stamina system disabled
    - Added ACE spectator system for MP
    - Briefing works after respawn in MP
    - NAPA is now playable (co10)
    - Improved overview
    - New loadouts

Written on 2010-05-28 05:17 by AnimalMother  

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