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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.96
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is train addon for ARMA 2.

Date: 2012-11-14 10:09

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gac train


This is train addon for ARMA 2.
This addon contains a script sample.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

How to use this train addon:
1. Put trains and name (example : train,train2,train3...)
If you want to use sample train, put"Empty ->Cars ->@gac_train(DE10)" and line up.
If you want to use ARMA2 default train , put train units "Empty ->Cars ->@gac_train(empty)" and line up, and write this sentence at your objects:
"this attachto [****your train name****,[0,0,2.5]]"
Those trains have geometry now(for slope).
If you want no geometry like older version , use "@gac_train(no geo)".

Put "gac_rail_A","gac_rail_B","gac_rail_C" across rails within 25m. Trains will run on A -> B -> C -> A -> B -> ...
When lost rails, train maintain its direction.
Trains maintain each distance.

2. Copy&paste init.sqf and script folder in your mission folder.
(You may check explanation_of_gac_train.gif)

3. If you want to use station, you need to put object(named station) across rails.

4. When get in train,use radio to move train.
(If you want to move train automatically, change "GETIN_Player = true;" to "GETIN_Player = false;" in init.sqf line 9)

Included .pbo files:


Train map templates for Chernarus and Fallujah:
Available from here.

- improved scripts
- added key/bisign

- Trains have geometry lod(for slope).
- Trains can move above bridge.
- Player can getin train.
- Working multiplay (I recommend to use 1 train or 2 trains on multiplay)

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- BI forums
- BI forums (old topic)

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