SP mission : USMC Village Raid updated
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Bahger released a significant update for his first mission in our forums.

Changes since last version:
    - Changed Overview image to screenshot taken from outside HUD view
    - Changed "On Load" text in splash screen to i/d location not mission title
    - Decluttered HUD view by removing extraneous task carets
    - Changed radio channel name for extraction from "Alpha" to "Extraction", which is now how it is referenced in the briefing, the Radio item menu and in the radio LED in map view.
    - Fully-functional briefing with task notes properly implemented in map view and debrief
    - Automated task switching now works when task has been accomplished
    - Overview with screenshot
    - Map screen and briefing appears before mission start, with "Continue" button
    - Hints introduced by script on task completion
    - Autosave at end of insertion
    - Extraction script reworked so that the chopper will wait until the last squad member boards

Written on 2010-02-28 06:58 by Big  

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