WIP Report - Conspiracies: Rising Dead
Work in progress

Sled88 sent us some exclusive info of the Conspiracies: Rising Dead mod project.

Quote Sled88 :
The teaser video is showing a random fight at night in the forest near Prypjat. No scripting, just a little gunfight between bloodsuckers and stalkers. This is what I mean with the zone is "alive".

Today I announce that after the release of the CORE-Version of CRD some DLC's will follow. So that means:
    - additional gameworld
    - more missions
    - more weapons
    - new vehicles
    - additional quests
    - all belongs to the CORE-Version but with its own story (like in Fallout 3)
The patches will surely fix some issues but bring some additional stuff in the CORE-Version like the MP-Stuff and something like that. The release will be the 25th March 2010 as I said before. We are working fast so it could be a real date.

4-wip027.jpg 4-wip028.jpg

You can find more screenshots and teaser videos in the Conspiracies: Rising Dead wip topic.

Written on 2010-02-15 09:19 by Sled88  

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