SP mission : Last Patrol of Tom Riha by Celoush

Celoush released a new singleplayer mission in the BI forums.

Quote Celoush :
These are tough times. Chedaky are attacking government soldiers all the time, so they prefer to stay in coastal regions and they don't care much about the inland areas. Furthermore the Chedaky concentrate them selves more and more in our area and therefore skirmishes are daily bread. Unfortunately, local people are aware of that and they try to avoid any contact with us, because they are afraid of chedaky revenge. So we decided to change our message delivery system. Now we leave messages in specific hideouts. We are increasing our activity now and we forced chedaky not to show them selves up on the roads and in the villages. At least not as often as they did few weeks ago. But tougher fights await us. Firefights between ours and chedaky patrols happen often than ever before.

Written on 2010-02-16 19:45 by Big  

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